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Emergency Medical technician

The Emergency Medical Technician is trained to provide basic emergency medical care to emergency patients. They are skilled in all levels of basic life support (BL

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician

It is a diploma-level course. It is a 1-year course with 5 months of internship. It provides knowledge to handle advanced lab equipment and assist surgeons. Candidates are trained to work in and manage an operation theatre.

Diploma in Dental Technician

A dental hygienist is a licensed health care professional who works with a dentist to help patients maintain good oral health and dental hygiene. As a dental hygienist, your goal is to prevent and treat diseases that impact the teeth and gums. On any given day, this might include cleaning teeth,

Diploma in Dental Hygienist

Career in Dental Technician Course: Most of us have heard of Dental courses or Dentistry and might be aware of its scope, but not about Dental Technology and D