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Council of Paramedical Health Faculty is an autonomous council & Working under its own Constitution & Bye Laws to assure & promote the quality in the Para Medical Courses. The Council conduct the training Examinations, declare their Results, issue Diploma, Certificates & Registration to pass-out candidates. The Council Affiliate the institution & issue guidelines to regulate run and manage the Para Medical Courses.

Council of Paramedical Health Faculty providing quality education to paramedical personnel. Thousands of paramedical diploma holders serving the nation. While UT Chandigarh , Haryana , Rajasthan & many other States in India don’t have their State Para Medical Councils. Pass-out Paramedical personnel wandering here & there for Registration. So Council constituted in this sector for betterment of the Paramedical in different field. The successful candidates after the period of training will be come eligible for Job in Non Government Sector or appointments as Technicians or Assistants in Dental & General Hospitals/ Nursing Homes/ PHC’s. The Council provide great employment opportunities & also ensures the availability of sufficient number of qualified & trained Paramedical personnel for the growth of good health care system.


Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The constitution of the Indian Paramedical Council for the purpose of co-ordination and determination of standards of education in the field of Paramedical and for the maintenance of a Register of Paramedics Registraion.

Our Mission

we are dedicated to provide quality education in healthcare with innovative ideas and modern learning technology. Our mission is to recognize and develop academic, cultural and leadership qualities, so that students can excel and prosper in their career. To help the students in understanding the importance of self learning so that they can expertise in paramedical field.

Our Popular Courses

Front Line Health Worker

A Front Line Health Worker (FLHW) is a healthcare professional who provides direct medical care and services to patients in a variety of settings. They work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, community health centers, and other healthcare fa

Vision Technician

A Vision Technician course is typically a diploma or certificate program that provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist optometrists and ophthalmologists in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of vision disorders.

Emergency Medical technician

The Emergency Medical Technician is trained to provide basic emergency medical care to emergency patients. They are skilled in all levels of basic life support (BL

Advances Emergency Medical Technician

The Emergency Medical Technician is trained to provide basic emergency medical care to emergency patients. They are skilled in all levels of basic life support (BL

General Duty Assistant

They support the nursing staff of a hospital or other healthcare provider. Their job is to maintain hygiene levels to a certain standard and assist the nurse/docto

X-Ray Technician

These technicians are an important part of health care team. They are responsible for operating X-ray machines and managing patients during the X-Ray procedure. X-

Dialysis Technician

A dialysis technician is a trained person who maintains and operates the equipment used for dialysis, a process that cleanses the blood of metabolic waste products

Diploma in Radiology Therapy/ Radiology Technician DMRT

Radiology technicians are trained to operate advanced radiographic equipment such as CT scan, MRI and X-Ray machines. These assets/imaging are used by doctors and

Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy technician is to obtain blood and various other clinical specimens from the patients. On successful completion of course, students can work in hospitals

Community Medical Service and Essential Drugs


Bachelor of Electro-Homeopathy Medicine & Surgery(BEMS)

Bachelor of Electro-homeopathy Medicine and Surgery(BEMS) is an undergraduate Homeopathy course. Electro-homeopathy is a new medical system, which maintains homeostasis between the lymph and blood of deceased persons, and results in curing them. It is a natural, cheap, simple, ha

Certificate in Medical Dresser

Dressing wounds, cuts, sores, boils, etc. Applying ointment, liniments and paints on wounds. Giving first aid in emergency cases. Cleaning wounds, cuts, sores, with antiseptic material.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician

A Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), is a skilled individual trained to carry out low to high complexity laboratory tests and operate laboratory equipment under the supervision of a certified medical laboratory technologist

Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician

It is a diploma-level course. It is a 1-year course with 5 months of internship. It provides knowledge to handle advanced lab equipment and assist surgeons. Candidates are trained to work in and manage an operation theatre.

Diploma in Dental Technician

A dental hygienist is a licensed health care professional who works with a dentist to help patients maintain good oral health and dental hygiene. As a dental hygienist, your goal is to prevent and treat diseases that impact the teeth and gums. On any given day, this might include cleaning teeth,

Diploma in Dental Hygienist

Career in Dental Technician Course: Most of us have heard of Dental courses or Dentistry and might be aware of its scope, but not about Dental Technology and D

MD Electro Homeopathy

Electropathy is another arrangement of medication by which parity is kept up among the lymph and blood of an unhealthy individual. Consequently, by managing the lymph and blood in the body, the patient gets relieved. This elective type of medication uses separates plants that direct both lymph an

Certificate in Community Healthcare

The Certificate in Community Health has been developed in collaboration with Ministry of Health
and Family Welfare, Government of India. The programme aims at improving the knowledge, skills
and competencies of registered nurses/RNRM/Ayurveda practitioners to enable them to serve as